Sfaccettature is a series of paintings on board that works on the variations of small cubes. Each painting looks blank at first, but by moving from the left to the right every small cube unveils colourful sides, either consistently coloured or fulfilled with different merging shades. 

Sfaccettature a spirale, 2018
Sfaccettature #10, 2020

Beside the cube, a series about the circle. To this basic geometrical shape Andrea devotes mainly paper, smaller works. Here as well at a quick glance the circles look fully dark or easily conceived. But with a more careful analysis each cirlce unveils unnoticed reflections and small, sometimes tiny, variations.

Ever changing volumes and shapes are some of the specific features of Andrea's design. That's how asymmetric tables, for exemple, come from. Suspended and hanging elements give lightness to the prototypes, that look differently according to the various point of view.